Host 2019

New products.

Host is the fair in which most of my projects come to life, thanks to my long experience in professional machines.
This year 7 new products to which I cooperated as a designer were presented in Milan, from 18 to 22 of October.

Rancilio group

Rancilio connect - content planning, user experience, user interface

Rancilio connect is a web app that provides a flexible dashboard for the analysis of data provided by the coffee machines of the Group. I conceived it to be fully personalized: the home page can be composed by the user loading diverse widgets, for a direct comparison of diverse parameters of interest coming from machines. I took care of this project from the conceive of services, the user experience, graphical interface and manage the developing of the web app.
Pav. 24 stand N50 P39 P50 Q39


Victoria - full touch display user interface

Victoria is the new professional machine presented by Bezzera. The machine has a double boiler and the opportunity of saving brewing profiles customizable for espresso, drip coffee, and tea. I've been designing the user interface of Bezzera's machine since years, for this model was redesigned the main page of the software for an easy control of both boilers and all the area of coffee brewing personalization. I designed also the graphics of the pressure gauge for this machine.
Pav. 24 stand Q64-R63


Smart - design of the carter + full touch display user interface

Smart is an instant coffee grinder that preload the dose for a single and double espresso, whilst the barista is preparing the coffee. Thanks to this system, the barista can have always a freshly ground coffee, without waiting. I designed the front carter in a way that fast access to the system can be allowed without disassembling all the machine. The user interface is designed in line with Mito, the first coffee grinder with a full touch display that I did for Obel.
Pav. 24 stand Q70


R58 - user experience, user interface
Rocket R58

I designed the user experience and the graphical interface of the software of the new semiprofessional coffee machine R58. The design follow the minimal, clear and tecnical style of the brand.
Pav. 22 stand S38 T37

Morgana - Smf

Capsule coffee machine - redesign Morgana

Morgana is a compact capsule machine by SMF. In this new version of the machine, I redesigned the front cover to house a display and split the drip tray into two parts, to have the double-height: espresso cups and mug cups without shifting the spout
Pav. 18 stand G86


Enterprise - user interface

Enterprise is a ready-solution proposed by Proelind for professional coffee machines. The user interface I designed provides a space for personalized logos and can be changed in colors. The solution is available in diverse display sizes.
At Host, this display is present in diverse machines.

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