I've been writing about Computer Science and Design for many years. Thanks to my cooperation with Adobe Systems, I wrote height handbooks about the use of Photoshop.

Photoshop CC - La nuova guida per il fotoritocco digitale - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshop - Adobe - Manuale - handbook

Photoshop CC, Dagli strumenti base al fotoritocco avanzato

The new edition of the manual helps professional and amateur photographers, designers, graphic designers and digital artists to master the tools of Photoshop CC to get the most out of their work. The reader is guided from the basics to the most advanced techniques: color correction, light management, photomontage techniques, portrait retouching and much more, including the services of the Creative Cloud. The text contains more than 80 tutorials that provide the reader with practical examples and creative insights to experience the software tools.

Photoshop CC - La nuova guida per il fotoritocco digitale - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshop - Adobe - Manuale - handbook

Photoshop CC, La nuova guida per il fotoritocco digitale

Photoshop is constantly evolving and it's getting richer of new functions and services. This new guide renewes the aim to help professionals and passionates to explore the opporunities that this software offers. The manual guides the user to understand the digital image and the method to edit its work from the base, up to the most advanced techniques. After a first part for the learning of the fundamentals, the most diffused topics of the photographic retouch are explained: color, management of the light, photomontages, beauty retouch and much more. Particular attention is paid to the Creative Cloud services and to their integration in the work flow. Every chapter is supported by step by step tutorials, those are designed to give the user easy and effective solutions to get the best results.

Photoshop CC - Guida completa per il fotoritocco digitale - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshop - Adobe - Manuale - handbook

Photoshop CC, Guida completa per il fotoritocco digitale

Taking photographs of good quality is within the reach of an increasing number of people. Enthusiasts want to make their shots better and professionals need to make them unique and effective. Photoshop remains the software to get something really special.
This manual is intended to give the reader the tools to be thoroughly familiar with Photoshop, so you can edit the images according to your own aspirations. The manual wants to inspire you with practical examples of digital processing with fast and surprising results. In addition to more than 60 tutorials and practical examples, in the manual are included six video lessons from Total Photoshop and a special promo from Fotolia, the archive of images with more than 30 million photos, vector illustrations and video clips.
Avaiable also in e-book!

Photoshop CS6 - Tecnologia per l'immaginazione - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshop - Handbook

Photoshop CS6, Tecnologia per l'immaginazione

Photoshop CS6 is one of the richest versions in new features of the famous editing software. This manual want to give the reader the same richness: new tutorials, new images, new structure of the text.
Full color, the book is a journey through the functions of Photoshop: from understanding the basics of Computer Graphics, analysis techniques and picture calibration, up to the creative tools of the program.
With the book, a CD with source files to run the tutorial.
Part of the images included in the book and in the tutorial, are kindly provided by Fotolia.
Avaiable also in e-book version!

Photoshop CS5 - Strumenti Creativi - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshp - Handbook

Photoshop CS5, Strumenti creativi

A complete manual, starting from the basics and principles of computer graphics.
The chapters are full of step by step tutorials. I conceived the exercizes taking inspiration by my experience of teacher and of Adobe Guru, focusing on the needs of people with whom I came into contact.

Topics: introduction to Computer Graphics, photo editing, Camera Raw, Levels, masks and selections, channels, vector graphics and text tools, filters, brushesi, 3d and video tools.

Photoshop CS4 - Guida per il professionista - Aut. Bettina Di Virgilio - Hoepli - Photoshop - Handbook

Photoshop CS4, Guida per il professionista

This is the first book I wrote for Hoepli. It's conceived for an expert user, focusing on advanced editing and masks functions. Two chapters are dedicated to Photoshop Extended features.
Each chapter has a first part with technical explaination, and a second with exercizes to train the learned tools.

Topics: photo editing, selection tools, technique of masking, Adjustment Layers, vector graphics tools, Layer's style, brush and patterns, 3d tools, import and editing of video files. 

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