Glass box series.

About the project

Risvolti is a family of glass containers. The idea came from the paper bags that are used to bring food: sometimes they are laid on the table, turning the edges the structure is strengthened and allow better access inside.
From this image, were born a number of containers, decorated with a texture reminiscent of a network, and a flared shape which makes them seem soft, a sort of "bags" in glass. The containers are designed mainly for the catering or the tableware, but they can also be used for other purposes.
During the design process, were studied diverse kinds of textures: paper, wool, leather, straw.
Risvolti in italian has a double meaning. Concretely ot means something turned, as p.e. the lower part of the trousers. Figuratively the consequences or side effects or intrinsic meaning of an action/ event. I liked the idea of this double meaning.

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In short

Name: Risvolti
Work: Glass boxes
Client: Huafy
Year: 2010
Role: Co-Owner, Anima Dinamica Design Studio
Anima Dinamica | Design team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Giordano Redaelli - NIcola Zanetti

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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