Salt & pepper that enlights your meals.

About the project

The idea of Tasty takes its origin by a theme that we had already done with the first product designed for Siliconezone in Anima Dinamica Design Studio: the Egg Chair. Egg Chair is an eggcup shaped as a armchair, and we wanted to complete the series with further "furnishing" elements for the tableware.
During a meeting I thought that the shape of a salt box I designed was symilar to the lampshade of a classical design lamps. In Tasty the salt container is the lampshade, whilst the pepper container is the base: overimposed they look like a small abbat jour.
Tasty is distributed in Italy by Decol.
Tasty won the Good Design Award 2011.

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In short

Name: Tasty
Work: Salt & Pepper
Client: Siliconezone
Year: 2011
Role: Co-Owner, Anima Dinamica Design Studio
Anima Dinamica | Design team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Giordano Redaelli - NIcola Zanetti

Honours and Awards
Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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