Wall clock series.

About the project

Modern, colorful, cheerful. Fugit is a series of wall watches made ​​of two sheets of Plexiglass cut and printed. The two sheets overlap and create fresh and unusual compositions, made ​​from a mix of natural elements and geometric textures.
There are five different colors and decorative themes.

Ratatouille and Pesce Azzurro are thought to be in the kitchen, where raw materials are transformed into food. Through the silhouette of the fruit or fish, you read their nutrients, their properties. Ratatouille is avaiable in the colors purple / lilac as in the photo, Bluefish in blue / blue.
Giungla is avaiable in shades of orange and green. It 'was the first design of the series: the idea was to alternate colored leaves and carved leaves, which are made ​​visible thanks to the underlying texture. From this graphic come the idea of using a double layer of plexy, as it were a wings of a theater.
Flora and Petaloudes are similar concepts, with a decor that goes beyond the externall circle, flying away and mingling with the graphics below. Flora is available in shades of blue as the photo and in tones of green. Petaloudes in shades of purple and pink as pictured, and in tones of green and blue

Fugit clocks are realized by Wahh Works.

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In short

Name: Fugit
Work: Wall clock
Client: self production
Year: 2012
Role: Owner, Bettina Di Virgilio Design Studio
Design: Bettina Di Virgilio
Production: Whaaworks

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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