Full automatic coffee machine.

About the project

Quarza is a full automathic coffee machine, designed for Kalerm, a Company from Shanghai. The commissioned machine would have been destined for a high-end market. Therefore the design had to follow a language of strength, high-tech, classy.
Just before we start working on this project, I had finished the design of a touch contro user interface for a oven. My mind was still thinking of a shiny, wide black surface, backlit keys on which place the controls. I imagined this big sheet of glass, enlightened along the edges, which would have given character to the coffee machine. Touch control Ui were getting more and more diffused in appliances market. User Interfaces based on touch control were getting more and more diffused in appliances market. Around this large flat interface, I built the rest of the design, building on basic solids, to give the product a authoritarian look.
The name Quarza still wants to give connotations of solidity and technology to the product: the sound and the remind to the quartz mineral, made ​​me imagine an object come from space, a sort of new planet.

In addition to product design, I have dealt with the graphical user interface, and the color material finishes. 

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In short

Name: Quarza
Work: Design of a top level automatic coffee machine
Client: Kalerm
Year: 2011
Role: Co-Owner, Anima Dinamica Design Studio
Anima Dinamica | Design team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Giordano Redaelli - NIcola Zanetti

Honours and Awards
Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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