DVD players

Concepts for new DVD players and receivers.

About the project

This project was commissioned by Flextronics Design, Milan. The theme was to design a series of new dvd players for OEM purpose.
The work began with a long market analysis and research. We identified price levels, the diverse kinds of dvd players standard sizes, main features, target customers. From the research, we identified four main styles and target: teenager (a small and cheap dvd player to be used in private room), retrĂ² and style lovers (round lines with plenty colors), mimal and basic consumer (cheap and simple), high tech and stylish for tech-lovers (unique with smart controls). Following the identified design scenarios and target, we designed the first series of concept for the new dvd.
From the first step of the project, began a complex activity of defining new product lines. Each of the identified areas gave birth to a series of pilot concepts for new dvd players and receivers, from low end to high end market.

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In short

Work: DVD players
Client: Flextronics Design Italia
Year: 2003
Role: Co-Owner, Yek Design
Yek Design team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Masato Furusawa

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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