Semi-professional coffee machine

About the project

Gaia is 1 group semi-professional coffee machine with milk foamer. The model has commont parts with Maia, the first 2 groups professional machine I designed for Cino: the feeling of the design and the brewing group is the same, but the main structure is more linear and designed thinking of the opportunity of having diverse materials, such as aluminium sheet and not only plastics. The capsule drawer is separated by the drip tray. The milk foamer can be used to make cappuccino, foamed milk, caffee latte and other mixed beverages.

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In short

Work: Design of a semi-professional coffee machine
Client: Cino Coffee Machines Mfg Co.,LTD
Year: 2018

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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