The first Momo Design + H3g Italy mobile phone.

About the project

MD1 is the most complex project I managed when employed in H3g. I worked with diverse teams of H3g (Italy, UK and HK) and with Momo Design, that gave its brand to this mobile phone. The work consisted in a in deep redesign and refining of an existing mobile phone. Momo Design team supervised the whole design process.
The handset was refined in terms of details, material, finishes and quality control. The refining and improvement of the hardware took almost one year of work. The user interface was completely redesigned, starting from color themes up to all the icons, for a total of more than 500 elements I delivered to the factory.

I directed the refining process and worked directly with the supplier to improve the hardware and fix problems, travelling to China for a more effective result. I redesigned the GUI, and take care of the delivery of all the assets and the implementation of the software.
To complete the project, I worked on the CD cover, Manual, Packaging with H3g team.

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In short

Name: MD1
Employer: H3g Italia
Year: 2007
Design: Momo Design, H3g ID & UI dep.
Role: Head of ID&UI dep., H3g Italy
H3g Italy Design Team: Bettina Di Virgilio, Adam Cavallari, Stefano Spagnuolo

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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