Touch control Ui for the double cavity oven.

About the project

In this project were developed all aspects of the user interface of the appliance: from the definition of buttons and user flows, up to the realization of the elements of the software installed on the oven itself. 
Maxiforno is a versatile oven: by inserting a separator you can switch between dual cooking cavity and a single cavity. 

The project was particulary complex since the oven offers a large amount of kinds of cooking and settings, whilst the space avaiable for the user interface is reduced. The solution found consists in a layout composed by three diverse displays: two lcd, one dot matrix. The two lateral displays are dedicated to each cavity (top and lower), whilst the central is used to set the parameters and show the cooking options of the single cavity modality.

The first step of this project was an analysis of all the cooking functions and settings. The various features were then grouped by areas and were defined possibile flows of use. The use of a carousel gives to the user a simple and effective way to access to the diverse menu and options. To See the quality of the project, was realized a working demo using flash programming (with the support of Alessio Argiolas).
After all the UX and UI design, I created all the elements to be used in the software, executables files and cooperated with the supplier of the software.

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In short

Work: User Interface design
Client: Candy Hoover Group
Year: 2011
Role: Chief Designer - Co-Owner, Anima Dinamica Design Studio
Anima Dinamica | Design team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Giordano Redaelli - Nicola Zanetti
Demo programming: Alessio Argiolas

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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