Instant professional coffee grinder by Obel.

About the project

Smart is a coffee grinder that preload the dose for a single and double espresso, whilst the barista is preparing the coffee. Thanks to this system, the barista can have always a freshly ground coffee, without waiting for the machine to grind it. To be even faster, SMART is equipped with a wireless system that can automatically identify the kind of requested dose, and brew it without pushing any button. This grinder is designed for situations in which the freshness of the grind a key to success and quality, but is also necessary to be fast and prepare many coffees in a short time. I designed the front carter and the UX UI of the software. The carter is made in plastic, with a metal sheet that can be easily removed for fast access to the mechanism. The coffee press is designed to be mounted on both the right and left sides.
The grinder can be used into 3 different modes: Fresh recognize the coffe holder dose (single or double) but does not preload the dose of coffee, Auto recognize the dose and instantly gives the coffee that is preloaded in the system, Manual has the dose preloaded, but brew manually.

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In short

Work: Design + Graphical User Interface, UX, UI
Client: Obel
Year: 2019

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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