Customizing Windows UI

Branding samples of Windows UI.

About the project

This project was commissioned by Logitech Italia. The theme was the design of a personalized UI of Windows, using as sample brands Pepsi and Ferrari.

The Pepsi brand series uses as a reference the elements you can find in a fast food. The network resources icon uses as a symbol the bottle of Pepsi + hamburgher + french fries. The recycle bin is similar to the one you find in a fast food. The Desktop is symbolized by the tray, with a burger and a bottle of Pepsi. As a waiting icon is used a glass full of Pepsi, that is getting emplty.

The Ferrari brand series uses as a reference the world of car racing. Pc resources is an engine, the recycle bin is a series of old tires. The waiting icon is done using a stopwatch. When you're driving around the internet, your pointer becomes a red glove for driving.

Beside the personalization of the windows ui, were also proposed some brandized version of the mouse.

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In short

Work: Personalized Windows UI
Client: Logitech Italia
Year: 2004
Role: Co-owner Yek Design
Yek Design | Design Team: Bettina Di Virgilio - Masato Furusawa.

Bettina Di Virgilio // Designer - Milano, Italy - p.iva 01067650521

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