Host 2017

All around coffee and beverages.

I have a long experience in designing for the coffee and beverage companies. I've been supporting companies in designing the product, the user interface, and further activities, such as packaging, web site and more. This is an overview of the new projects I made in the coffee world, most are shown at the 40th edition of Host.


Arcadia and the new semi professional machines- user interface

Arcadia Wi Fi - Arcadia is the top level professional coffee machine by Bezzera. This year, Bezzera introduces the application to See and control the parameters of the machine via mobile phone. I designed the user interface of the machine and of the App.
New semi-professional machines - BZ and E61 are the new semi professional models for small business and domestic use will be presented ad Host.
Pad 24, BOOTH R62 – S63

Winco multibeverage Luna

Luna - Winco

Multibeverage machine - product design

Winco drinks is a new company. In september they launched their new product: a multibeverage machine that can brew cofee, hot and cold drinks, milk and water. I designed this coffee machine with the support of Marco Fossati.


Coffee grinder - user interface

Obel presents the new coffee grinder with a full touch user interface. The interface can be personalized with diverse logos and design of the cups.
Pad. 24 stand U69BIS

Maia - Cino

Semi professional coffee machine - product design

Maia is a semi professional capsule coffee machine I designed for Cino. Maia is avaiable with diverse capsule systems.
Pad 22 stand S02

Morgana - Smf

Capsule coffee machine - redesign

Morgana is a small capsule machine by SMF. I redesigned the side and the lever for this machine. I designed the packaging.
Pad. 18 stand E87

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